Code of conduct

Good to know

Traditionally, all ball guests have a partner at the table that they are sitting at. Generally, there is one lady dinner partner and one gentleman partner. However, this is not always the case. The terms have therefor been changed to left partner (trad. gentleman partner) and right partner (trad. lady partner). The left partner helps their right partner by pulling out their chair.

It is considered poor form for the left partner to at any point put down their glass before their table right. Spontaneous toasts are to be avoided to keep up the atmosphere during the ball. The napkin should be placed in your lap and no elbows should be resting on the table.

If you bring a bag, it should not be on the table. Place it instead on your lap or hang it on the back of the chair. Utensils are usually placed so you work your way toward the plate, beginning with the outermost fork and knife.

It is considered especially rude to leave the table during the ball, but if this can't be avoided it should be done in a manner as to not disturb the other guests. Always wait until any speeches or similar is done before entering the hall again, as to not disturb the speaker or guests.

You do not smoke until after the ball has ended.

Dress code

We refer to this document produced by the unions marketing group:


The full document is found here: Dresscodes.