About the Ball

About the Science Students' Ball

What is UTN?

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students, or UTN for short, is a union for all students studying technology or science at Uppsala University. The organization serves as a coordinating body for the 19 sections at the Faculty of Science and Technology at Uppsala University. UTN’s goal is to help create a great experience while studying at the university. This is done by 5 working student liaison officers, helping develop the programs and the student’s social experience. The organization has many committees working for social events, this including the ball committee, Balkå, working to make the ball night as fantastic as possible!

The Science Students' Ball 2019

What is the Science Students' Ball?

The Science Students’ Ball is UTN’s most elegant event of the year. It is a ball that has traditionally occurred every second year since 1985. Since 2020 the ball will occur every year. At the Students’ Science Ball, students, professors and union officials sit together to enjoy a fantastic three course dinner. During the evening several toast and speeches will be held along with entertainment of high quality. The Pedagogical award and the Medal of Merit will be awarded. The Pedagogical award is given to a lecturer who has impacted the students during the year and is nominated by the students. The Medal of Merit is given to a person who has done important work for UTN. The evening ends with an after party. Unfortunately, the Students’ Science Ball of 2021 was cancelled due to Covid-19.

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