About the Ball

About the Science Students' Ball

What is UTN?

So what is UTN? The Science Students' Ball is an event by Uppsala Union of Engineering- and Science Students, shortened UTN in Swedish. The union is for all people that study a technical or scientific program at Uppsala University, such as engineering, physics, biology, or teaching. As a student union, UTN works on improving areas related to studying, and also arranges fun events for students to participate in, the Science Students' Ball is one of them!

The Science Students' Ball 2019

What is the Science Students' Ball?

The Science Students' Ball is UTN’s most elegant event. It is a ball that takes place every other year since 1985 and is according to tradition held at Uppsala Castle. Since the ball is so appreciated and the tickets so coveted, the year 2020 is the first year that it will be held two years in a row, since it was also arranged in 2019. This tradition will continue, since the Science Students' Ball from now on is an annual event!

At the Science Students' Ball, there are students, teachers, and officials of the student union who will all enjoy an incredible three-course meal together during the evening. There will also be first-class entertainment, inspiring speeches, and dancing of all sorts. The pedagogical prize of UTN will also be handed out to one teacher, chosen by the students, that have promoted their education during the past year. 

The Science Students' Ball 2020 will be held on February 29th.

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