Ball application

The Science Students' Ball 2022 - UTN's 20-year jubilee

Welcome to UTN's most elegant event. Hosted at Uppsala Castle, the Science Students' Ball is a magical evening where UTN's pedagogical award and the Medal of Merit is awarded. This year, the ball commemorates UTNs 20th year as a union, and is held at the 19th of March.

The price is 1200 SEK for UTN members, and 1330 for non-UTN members. Alcohol costs an additional 50 SEK. The ball starts at 17.30, and the dress code is formal dress/tailcoat. Read more on dress code on our page about code of conduct. The tickets are raffled, and the raffle will be held on the 24th of January. By applying below, you can participate in the raffle. You will be notified via e-mail if you won a ticket.

If you're visiting this page without being able to view your entry, you didn't receive an entry in the raffle.

Date: Saturday, Mar 19th

Time: 17:30-01:00